My name is Emily and I love beauty products. I’m admitting I have a problem. That’s the first step, right? When I named this blog Everyday Lipstick, it wasn’t necessarily based on the quest for the perfect lipstick to use everyday. It was named because chances are, I will wear a different lipstick every single day. Here’s a post with a few more details about that.

This blog is dedicated to beauty products – from lipstick to lotions and from foundation to nail polish. Here you will find reviews, my latest obsessions and more. Want to see something? Let me know! Love something? Comment!

When you click on links to beauty products I feature on this blog, I earn a small comission (2-3%) from the purchase. This funding keeps the blog going and also is used to purchase new products for testing. So shop here when you’re beauty shopping!

I love that you’re here and maybe that means I’m not the only one out there with a lipstick for every day.

Other than beauty products, I love my husband, Bryce, and my GoldenDoodle, Henry. Our happy little family lives in downtown Denver.

And follow me on Twitter @emilylipstick.

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