Luxury Lusting for La Mer Cream

Here’s a post category I haven’t hit for a while: Luxury Lusting. Chances are you’ve heard of the cream I’m featuring today because it is a cult favorite. It’s also a cool $275 for 2 ounces. La Mer face cream is on my luxury lust list for a variety of reasons but mostly because I just think it’d be fun to see if a $275 face cream could outdo a $50 face cream.

Description: At its heart is nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™. Exclusive Lime Tea, a powerful antioxidant, is also utilized in its original concentration to repair skin. Sea kelp, a natural humectant, moisturizes and gives skin an airlight feel.

Naturally, it has 5 out of 5 stars on every single site I checked for reviews. Users rave, “This is the best moisturizer I ever tried” and “Nothing else works for me.”

Would you spend this much on a face cream? What have you heard about La Mer products? Let me know in the comments! And of course, if you’d like to splurge on this amazing cream, click here to buy it .

Purses! (and Kate Spade sale)

I received an e-mail this morning that completely distracted the beauty-related post I was working on. has an extra 25% off their sale right now!

And then I started looking for Kate Spade on Zappos and found this little guy that I love and I’m not entirely sure why…Car Clutch anyone?

Anyway, click the link above to see the little car clutch on Zappos. Or click the banner below to go shop the adorable Kate Spade sale and enter the code SAVE25 at checkout for an extra 25% off your sale purchase!

Luxury Lusting: $60 lip balm

I religiously read The Week. It’s my favorite way to get the news and in each weekly (duh) edition, they have a feature on some product that would make a great gift for someone who has everything. Recently, they reviewed lip balm. Definitely girlier than their usual gadget feature, but hey, I’ll take it.

In their November 9 issue, they featured 5 lip balms, ranging from $5 Aquaphor to $58 In Fiore Veloutee. The one I’m lusting after is By Terry Baume de Rose for $59. Apparently it’s a cult favorite that can be used on cuticles and is rose-scented. Find it here from Ugh swoon.