Daily Lipsticks List

This page is dedicated to lipsticks that are perfect for everyday wear. And since I think you should have a lipstick for every single day of the week, this list will continue to grow! Check back often for updates and lipsticks that could become your perfect everyday lipstick.

Easy, Sheer and Matte

If you want something easy, matte and natural with a sheer finish, NARS Dolce Vita is for you. $24 at Sephora.com.

Shine with natural lip color

If you want something that brings out your  natural lip color, adds a nice shine, Dior Color Revive Lip Glow is for you. It brings out a beautiful pink. $31 at Nordstrom.com.

Shimmer, light color, easy application

Bobbi Brown High Shine Gloss in Pink Sequin is pink with gold shimmer plus vitamin C and E for moisture and protection, $24 from Nordstrom.

No shimmer, light color, easy application

Dior Addict Extreme lip color in Silhouette is peachy pink and wonderfully moisturizing and neutral, $31 from Sephora.

Smooth application, easy wear, pinkish mauve

Dior Addict Lipstick in Garconne is less peachy than Silhouette with slight mauve undertones. Also fabulous, neutral and easy to apply. Non-sticky. $31 from Sephora.

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