The Perfection List

This page is reserved for the best. The very, very best. What does that mean?

To make this page, a product must have been used by me (Emily) for more than a year and it must be so good that I have no desire to replace it in my routine. And for me to not want to replace it (read: try something new!) it has to be really freaking good.

This list is different from the products I use everyday because while those products are the best I’ve found so far, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have received a permanent spot in my makeup drawer. Have something that’s on your Perfection List? Leave it in the comments!

Here’s to the Perfection List!

REN Frankincense Revitalizing Night Cream, $55 

This cream is amazing. I bought it because I love REN products and it had one of the highest Sephora ratings I’d ever seen. And now I know why! Fabulous smell (fresh, mineraly, natural) and very moisturizing without adding any oil. I also love that one pump of the pump dispenser is the exact right amount so you can use it sparingly. A bottle lasts me 4-5 months so the price tag of $55 is justifiable.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Angel Rinse (shampoo and conditioner), $25 each

Angel Wash and Rinse are typically shampoos for fine, colored hair. That definitely describes my hair. I wash my hair daily (gasp!) and need something that doesn’t add any build up or oil but also doesn’t strip my hair. This shampoo and conditioner are perfect and have earned a spot on the Perfection List because of it.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm, $7.50 each

I really can’t live without this stuff. I’m still not clear on if it’s a product for men, but I really don’t care! It is moisturizing, color-free, great for layering, has SPF 25 and smells great. Of all the flavors, my favorite would be a tie between Natural Mint and Black Tea.

Alterna Bamboo Shine Spray, $22


Alterna Bamboo spray touts itself as an after-styling shine mist, but the genius guy at Sephora told me it actually makes a great detangler. He had awesome hair, so who am I to doubt? Sure enough, it’s a fresh-smelling detangler-shine-moisturizer combo!



Dior Extase Mascara, $28

Dior Extase has been my go-to mascara, in fact, my ONLY mascara for more than 2 years. It has actually improved my eyelashes and provides the perfect amount of no clump, volume and length. It also applies quickly in a few swipes and can be layered easily.

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