Some seriously strong self tanner

I actually received LORAC Tantalizer in a set of samples from Sephora. I’ve tried many self tanners and bronzers over the years but never found the perfect one that you can easily slather on the day of a special occasion and have a nice glow

without the streaks OR the icky self tanner smell. My go-to in the past had been Philosophy’s The Big Skinny (right), which is skin firming and gives you a very subtle tan but in my opinion smells like tanning lotion and if not applied super carefully, can create streaks.

Tantalizer was different! I used it a few times before my October 20 wedding and each time it gave me an ever-so-slightly shimmery bronze. Warning: it is not for the fair of skin. It is a really dark self tanner.

Before the wedding I used it across my shoulders and collar-bone and it was the perfect sun-kissed glow. I even got compliments on how perfectly tan I looked! Tantalizer is NOT your everyday tanning lotion but for a last-minute glow on a night out, it’s perfect. Plus, it smells really nice. Note: they do have a lighter version! Click here for their Luminizer, which is not as dark as Tantalizer.

Makeup Disappointment: All Nighter Finishing Spray

There are a variety of makeup setting products and while I don’t use one daily (who really needs to set their makeup for the day? If you do, you’re probably using the wrong makeup) I’d love to find one worth using on special occasions. I had such high hopes for All Nighter, a spray makeup setting product from Urban Decay but it only gets a B- grade.

I tested All Nighter 5 times total with a combination of makeup. I used it with a foundation primer and liquid foundation and also when I used only a light layer of powder Bare Minerals foundation. I thought the results were better with the foundation primer…but that could have been a result of the primer.

Overall, it didn’t make my make up stay any longer than it would have otherwise and while it didn’t make my face oily, I thought it increased the shine. Urban Decay makes a few variations of All Nighter, including a shine-reducing finishing spray, which might solve that problem.

Also, unless you’re going to make this a daily product, it would take ages to go through the fairly large bottle. If you want to give it a go with less investment, here is a smaller size.