Why I spend more on facials than on clothes

Okay, so I haven’t exactly done the research or added up my checking account to confirm this, but I do spend a lot on facials. Your skin is more integral to an outfit than any accessory. And while you might wear your favorite pair of jeans every week, your skin is on display every single minute. Plus, while you can get rid of a pair of shoes or replace a beat up purse, your skin doesn’t work the same way…so take care of it!

Facials are my guilty pleasure but also one of the best things I do for my skin. If you haven’t gotten a facial before, you are SO missing out. A good facial smooths skin, tightens pores, clears clogged pores, helps maintain elasticity, slows aging and just all around feels great. But not all facials are created equal! Here are my tips for choosing a great esthetician and booking your first facial:

1. Get a recommendation. Ask a friend who gets regular facials who they use and why they go back to that person. A good esthetician is just as important as a great hair stylist!

2. Never book a facial that is less than 50 minutes. Any less than this and your skin really doesn’t have time to open up under steam and you won’t get the full impact. A shorter facial, sometimes called “express” facials can end up bringing dirt and bacteria to the surface of your skin and causing breakouts a week later.

3. Ask what products the spa uses and do a little research. I have probably had between 50-75 facials in my life with a variety of products and brands. But hands down, I have the best results with the Sanitas line. My esthetician swears by the products, which are natural and made in Boulder, CO.

Here are some other handy facial details!

Cost: Facials are an investment in the present and the future of your skin. A good facial will be between $70-$100.

Timing: Don’t forget the timing rules of facials! Never get one right before a date or night out and never try a new facial for the first time if you are less than 2 weeks before a big event. For some people, they will see irritation for a day or two after their facial. I schedule a facial every 6 weeks typically and I can always tell when I’m overdue. My skin feels unbalanced and I’ll have an extra blemish or two. After a facial, I can tell a huge difference within 3 days and my skin is at its best after 7 days.

Where I go: Personally, I go to the Oxford in Denver, CO and see Jenn for my facials. She’s wonderful and one of the sweetest people and has been taking great care of my skin for nearly a year now.

Do you get regular facials? Are you going to try one for the first time? Leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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