Thanksgiving Makeup Tips

Tomorrow is Turkey Day! I can’t wait. It’s the ultimate dinner party holiday. My husband and I hosting again this year and it’s going to be a day full of cooking, eating, drinking and indulging. Now Thanksgiving isn’t nearly as hard on my skin as the annual Christmas cookie swap but between the chocolate pecan pie and buttery sweet potatoes, it’s still not a skin-friendly holiday. I’m definitely prone to butter-induced breakouts but have never let that stop me from having a cookie over the holidays so here are a few of my products and tips for staying clear through Christmas!

1. Use a primer on long days or big occasions: Primer helps absorb oils on the skin and puts a layer of protection between your skin and your foundation, which can pick up oil and dirt from your hands and the air. My favorite primer of all time is Hourglass Mineral Primer. It literally feels like rubbing the softest silk on your face. The big size is $52 but jump in with the travel size (click here) for only $18.

2. Have a spot treat on stand by: Having a fantastic sulphur-based spot treatment ready at the first sign of a blemish is critical to any beauty routine! Salacylic acid is a thing of the past, bring on the sulphur. Sulphur not only reduces redness but it also heals the skin. The salacylic acid mostly worked by trying to dry out (and often irritate) your skin. I absolutely love the Sanitas Tea Tree Clay Mask as a spot treatment because it has both treatments!. I’ve never used it as a full-face mask but I’m sure that works great too!

3. Get a facial. I know, I know. You’ve heard me mention this one a few times.  But it’s worth it! It deep cleans your pores and any sausage stuffing or pumpkin pie that is ready to break your face out will be stopped in its tracks.

Enjoy! Cheers to a happy Thanksgiving holiday!




  1. Great tips! A spot treatment that I find works great for my skin is from Burt’s Bees. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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