Boyfriend and Billionaire Boyfriend Perfumes

In my recent Sephora purchase, I tested a new roll-on perfume. I’d had some curiosities about Billionaire ever since getting a sample of Kate Walsh’s original scent, Boyfriend.

I almost feel as though this is not an authentic test because it’s a roll-on and not a bottle. Has anyone else had experiences where they think the roll-on is an ever-so-slightly different scent than the bottle?

Not that I’m complaining because I really like it, can’t quite say “love it”, but I really like it. It’s not as perfume-meets-cologne as Boyfriend. When I first tested Boyfriend and asked my husband what he thought, he replied “That smells great! Kind of like something I would war.” So there you have it. Billionaire has (to me) a more complex scent that changes the longer you wear it. It’s floral but not sweet. But it just doesn’t seem to be very strong as a roll on. However, interestingly enough, the other reviews of Billionaire on Sephora said it was too strong and the scent was too intense for many users. So maybe the roll on is a good thing!

So if you liked Boyfriend but want something that smells more feminine and a little more luxe, Billionaire is for you.
Click here for the roll on of Billionaire Boyfriend for $22.

Click here for the .5 oz bottle of Billionaire boyfriend for $35 (which is probably what I’m going to return the roll on to try) or the 1.7 oz bottle can be found here for $65.

OR, and you know I love this idea, Billionaire was just added to Sephora’s 5 fragrance sampler. You can try large testers of 5 great scents for only $18.

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