The secret beauty treatment we don’t like to talk about

Hair removal. We all have to do it but we sure don’t like to talk about it. Who wants to be hairy? Our boyfriends and husbands are hairy but we aren’t. We shave discretely in the shower and come out of the bathroom hairless and moisturized. Now I’ll be the first to admit I got laser hair removal last year on my bikini line. Best. Decision. Ever. But now…my upper lip? I have just a tiny bit of hair on my upper lip that I can’t wait to zap off. Since I’m a blonde, it’s even really light hair but nothing says “not womanly” like a ‘stash on a woman.

So while I’ve tried using hair removal creams I decided it’s time for a permanent solution. My first appointment is today and after a few sessions, no more upper lip hair. Hallelujah!

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