Back to basics: Eyelash Curlers

Do you use an eyelash curler daily? I do. But I only recently added this little gizmo to my beauty routine. And it makes such a difference. It lifts your eyelashes away from your eyes and keeps them in more of a solid line to make your eyes look larger and brighter. If you don’t use an eyelash curler, you’re missing out!

Here’s a quick back to basics how-to on the eyelash curler:

1. BEFORE applying mascara, slide your upper lashes between the two tongs of the curler

2. Gently but firmly press down and hold for 1-2 seconds

3. Release pressure and move the curler more toward the tips of your lashes and press down again for 1-2 seconds

4. Apply mascara!
Bonus points: for an extra boost, point your blow dryer at the curler for a second or two before using it on your lashes. Test on your hand to make sure it didn’t get too hot!

But do you need an expensive eyelash curler or will just any old one do?

Revlon eyelash curler from Target for $6, which is meant to provide a “steeper curl” (read: crease your lashes) since it doesn’t have an upper pad.

Lancome eyelash curler, $23 at Macy’s is a fantastic, basic and well-made curler.

Or something ultra sleek that very closely resembles a medical instrument, if medical instruments had a sweet retro vibe. Stainless steel eyelash curler made by Rubis Switzerland, $42.

Interested to see another post on beauty basics? Click here to check out last week’s post on face scrub!

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