Crazy cute beach totes

Before our trip to Mexico, I upgraded my beach bag from something that kind of resembled a cloth grocery bag to a real beach tote. After much research, I settled on the practical yet stylish Crocs beach tote for $40.

I loved it! It’s easy to clean, looks cute, it’s light weight and it’s cheap enough where you don’t feel bad if you throw sandy shoes in it or spill sunscreen on it. It was such a winner! So I know this post has nothing to do with beauty products, but I still wanted to share my favorite beach totes with you lovely ladies. 🙂 Plus, you DO have to have somewhere to put all the sunscreens, lipglosses and lotions you’ll take to the beach!

This woven tote is one of my favorites. For $143, it’s still not so expensive where you’d feel like you needed to protect it and it would be sure to get many compliments around the pool! JADEtribe beach bag for $143.

This gorgeous blue bag from the Catrinka project just looks like it was meant to be on the beach. I love the wavy print and nautical touches. $85 PLUS you are benefiting women in Uganda from a project called One Mango Tree who hand-made this beautiful bag.

I’ve always loved this shape for beach totes. It’s so fun, albeit maybe a little unwieldly. But when it’s going to spend most of its life sitting next to you while you sip a cocktail, who cares? Plus, this bag is a deal at $45 from L-atitude and comes in many other colors.

Isn’t this fun? A totally shimmering beach bag from Free People to hold all of your stuff! It’s ultra-stylish, really unique and fully lined to keep the sand from getting near your things. $98 from Free People.

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