Men and Beauty Routines

Teeth brushed. Check! The end. For about 90% of the guys I know, that is the beginning, middle and end of their nightly beauty routine. And don’t you feel so sorry for men? If they have a blemish, they can’t use concealer. If they have dark circles, they rarely turn to under eye cream. If they are feeling pale or needing a tan, bronzer isn’t for them. Poor men!

So yes, they don’t have near the upkeep that we women do, but they’re missing out on so many amazing products for men along the way. It’s high time we touted some men’s products, so here are my top beauty products for the guys. Ladies, click the link and upgrade your man’s routine with any of these products.

1. Sunscreen for men. Men have no time for daintily pouring out liquid-y lotions. Plus, the thought of rubbing in sunscreen on one of their bros probably makes them squirm. Philosophy Here Comes the Sun spray has built-in age defense so he is getting a double-whammy of protection.

If the frou-frou sayings on the Philosophy bottles are too much, Hampton Sun makes mists in SPF 35, 55 and 70 plus a spray aloe for after sun. What’s easier than that?

2. Shaving products. No company does shaving better for the refined man than The Art of Shaving. Come on guys, you’re a grown up. No more Neutrogena and Gillette. Plus, you get what you pay for. My husband switched to the full line of The Art of Shaving about a year and a half ago and will never go back. Mostly because guys don’t like to try new products, but also because it works.

Unscented shave cream, which also comes in Lavender, Sandalwood and Lemon, $25.

The full kit, with travel sizes of all products so he can use them for business trips or just test the brand to see if it’s his new perfect shave:

3. A quick zit fighter for men. Too often, men just pile on the Clean and Clear products to fight a zit, ending up drying it out and making it worse by irritating the skin. They also can be guilty (no offense guys) of leaving it be. This zit fighter can be dotted on the spot and will kill the bacteria without irritating the skin. Plus, since it’s clear, it doesn’t need any concealer over it. Kate Somerville, EradiKate acne treatment.

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