How long does it take for your toenail to grow out?

Okay, so I promise this post will not contain a picture and it will not contain TMI about my toes. However, I have happy news to share! After 7 months, 11 days and an undetermined number of hours, my toenail grew completely out. Why does this matter you might ask? Well, on October 19 before the rehearsal dinner for our wedding, I dropped my blow dryer on my toe. I think I was trying to save my blow dryer and in retrospect, probably should have saved my toe instead.

The dryer landed right at the base of the nail and created a half-dime size bruise under the nail that was black and red and gross. Luckily I didn’t have to puncture the nail (GROSS) or anything of that nature, but it took quite literally forever to grow out. While we think we have to trim our toenails or get pedicures so often, it takes much, much longer than I ever would have thought to grow all the way out.

I could not possibly be more excited about light-colored summer polishes and getting pedicures without explaining what happened! So, if you’ve ever wanted to know, it takes more than 6 months for your toenail to grow completely out.

The end.

Happy Friday!

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