Bobbi Brown Warm Beige Out Nationwide?

After a quick trip to my Nordstrom Bobbi Brown counter to re-up on Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Warm Beige, I was dismayed to hear that color of the foundation is becoming hard to find nationwide. Apparently, not enough was made it it’s scarce until the next shipment is available. However, I did discover you can buy it here from Sephora doesn’t carry Bobbi Brown products in their stores so that’s good info to have.

The Bobbi Brown skincare lady did a foundation match for the next closest shade, Naked.

Naked is slightly more yellow and less peachy, which could potentially work better for my skin in the summer. But after giving it a try for a few days, I’ll be buying my next bottle online if that’s what it takes!

To read more about Bobbi Brown Skin foundation and my switch from Dior foundation, click here!

COLOR UPDATE 7/9: Turns out, “Naked” does match my summer skin! I like the every-so-slightly darker shade and think it brings my face a shade closer to the color of my neck and arms. For the summer, it’s a keeper. But I’ll be going back to Warm Beige this winter.


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