How to make your pedicure last longer

We ladies dish out anywhere between $30 and $60 (or more) for a pedicure and with our toes showing so much in the summer, we tend to get them much more often than in the winter. But how do you make them last longer? How do you keep the polish from chipping and your feet soft and smooth? Even just an extra week or two per pedicure can add up to significant savings.

I did some research and came up with a guide to get the most out of your pedicure and make it last a little longer! For more information about caring for your footsies, check out this great article from Real Simple magazine.

Socks: Your new best friend

Obviously, you don’t want to wear socks when you go out because it covers up your pretty toes! But the second you walk in the door, switch from flip flops to socks. Even better, rub some of your favorite lotion on your feet before putting the socks on.  Pedicure Saver: Prevents dry feet.

Have a clear coat on hand

Depending on how your polish is looking, have a clear coat ready for touch up, especially for swipe around the tip of your toes to seal the polish and prevent cracking and chipping. The Sephora Mirror Shine Top Coat will help hide any small chips and prevent new ones. If you got shellac on your toes, check out this article on Shellac Manicure Maintenance and apply those tricks to your toes! Pedicure Saver: Chipped Polish

Invest in the best foot file around

There are foot files and then there are foot files. This foot file is the real deal. I tried all sorts of pumice stones from $2 to $20 but when I splurged on the Diamancel file at Sephora, I threw the rest away. The full size (shown below) is $49, but the smaller size is available for $29. Pedicure Saver: Calluses and dry heels


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