My favorite softer-smoother hair mask

Sad day. Sniffle sniffle. I just ran out of the very last drop of my all-time favorite hair mask, Redken Nature’s Rescue Cooling conditioner. I bought it on a whim over a year ago and it has lasted all that time using it about once every two weeks. It’s fantastic.

It’s more affordable then other deep conditioners (this link will take you to buy it only for $22. And remember, it lasts about a year), it has a wonderful cooling sensation, it deep conditions, I think it speeds up blow drying time and it makes your hair smell amazing all day. The smell is really unique, it’s this fresh, clean and warm smell. Kind of like puppies. I’m not kidding. (Redken would probably not love that I said that, but who doesn’t love puppies?)

After washing your hair, spread a quarter-sized amount from root to tip, massage in with your finger tips and let absorb for 1-2 minutes while you wash your face or do other shower routine things. Rinse and go! Your hair will be noticeably smoother and softer all day.

I will definitely be replacing this container as part of my beauty routine.