Dior Addict Lipsticks

I recently asked my absolutely beautiful friend Brittany who has the most fabulous taste in makeup what lipstick she was wearing in a picture. It was such a gorgeous color and I wanted to give it a try! Brit told me it was one of the Dior Addict lipstick so I went in search…and naturally bought two.

In my last online shopping trip I purchased the lip glow, which you can see on the left below. But on a quick run to the store last week to return the Billionaire Boyfriend roll-on for the .5 oz spray bottle, I bought it in Silhouette, the color Brittany had been wearing. Silhouette is a beautiful rosy pink with some peach undertones.

You all know me, I’ve always loved Dior products and their Lip Addict collection is no different so far. Both go on smoothly, evenly and provide fantastic (but VERY different) color.

The Lip Glow is designed to bring out your natural lip color. It goes on clear, then after about 15-20 seconds, your lips look pinker and very slightly shimmery. Only downside is it doesn’t last very long. It seems to stay on for between 1-2 hours and then has completely worn away.

Silhouette is a great rosy peach color without too much pink or too much orange. It’s a beautiful natural lipstick to wear during the day or with evening makeup when you don’t want a dramatic lip color. It’s moisturizing and lasts hours.

I would highly recommend either Lip Addict lipstick and also love the lipstick in the colors Avenue (darker, more pink) and for the holidays, Sunset Boulevard, which is a rich plum red.

Latest Sephora Purchase: Get Excited!

I was due for a fun-filled online Sephora shopping experience. I was really only looking for two things: a moisturizing face mist to take on an upcoming trip and a refill of my face cream. Both of these goals were accomplished…along with a few other purchases.

Here’s my shopping cart:

Sephora What I Bought Today

And here’s the rundown, click any of the links below to find the product and support this blog and the beauty reviews! Love you ladies! All links take you to Sephora where I purchased the product.

REN Vita-Mineral Day Cream is my daily moisturizer. It’s great in the Winter and is a nice balance of moisture without overdoing it. This will be my third bottle.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is a new product I’m excited to try. I have a trip to the mountains coming up followed by a trip to the beach. Both environments are so hard on your skin and I think a pre-moisturizer spritzer and also using it as a daily “touch up” to my day cream is a good idea. Review definitely coming on this guy!

Billionaire Boyfriend is a test for me, hence the purchase of the roll on and not the whole bottle! I have a sample of Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend perfume and really really like it. It’s such a mix of cologne and perfume and smells great for a night out. Plus, it’s very strong so just a dab will do. I’m interested to see how Billionaire compares to the original!

The Dior Addict Lip Glow and LaVanila are two purchases in my search for a nice lip sunscreen. Of course, I’ll never get rid of my Jack Black balm, but I like that Dior adds some color. It could be a nice addition to my vacation makeup bag. We’ll see! Comparison of these two to come!