Makeup Travel Bags

What do you use to carry your makeup when you travel? Do you have a hanging bag that folds and has tons of clear pockets? Do you have a hard case? Or maybe (I hope not) you toss all of your beautiful makeup in a Ziploc and call it good.

I’ve used a few makeup bags over the years and my standby for the last 5 or so has been the Vera Bradley large makeup bag. (below) 

Vera Makeup

When shopping for a makeup bag, I look for the following…

1. Plastic lining

2. Long enough to fit full-size shampoo bottles

3. Soft sides and easy to put in a suitcase (even if the suitcase is too full and you have to stuff it in there)

4. Big enough to fit all the makeup and the majority of the beauty products I take with me on vacation

I recently made the decision that it was time to replace the Vera Bradley bag. It’s had its time. It’s also looking a little grungy. I love all the Kate Spade accessories. From umbrellas to this crazy cute Kate Spade picnic basket so I thought Kate Spade would be a good place to start looking for a makeup bag.

I bought the Le Pavillion Small Natalie when it was on sale for $40. It’s still on sale for $60, down from $88. The dimensions are comparable to the Vera Bradley case but the Kate Spade one is much more square and I do think will end up holding more.

kate spade makeup bag


kate spade makeup 2


Next trip, I’ll be trying it and giving you a full review!