Dior Extase Mascara vs Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara

I have long been a fan of the classic Dior mascara, Dior Show. It’s just a perfect daily, easy to apply, not too much but definitely not too little mascara. But once I tried Dior Extase, I was sold. It’s a little more lengthening than Dior Show but has all the other great qualities. For a long time, it has been my everyday product.

Recently, when I purchased some Christmas gifts from Sephora online, I received their “secret gift”. I was a good mix of travel and trial size products to test. I plan to review a few more in the coming weeks, including the Origins charcoal mask, which was a pleasant surprise!

I decided to compare one of the mascaras, Buxom Amplified Lash in the “secret gift” kit with my daily Dior. And it’s a tough call!

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice right off the bat are the brushes. The Dior brush is more classic (on the right), while the Buxom brush is a newer invention that is typically used for length and separation.


Application details: They both apply evenly, smoothly and without clumping. I’ve always thought because they are thicker, the Dior mascaras take a few applications to “prime” the brush. Or in other words, it takes a week or so to apply quickly and have enough in the grooves of the brush to dip, swipe and go. Because Buxom is a thinner formula (in a good way) it applies quickly and easily the first time.

Length vs. Volume: This is where the real difference comes in. Hands down, Buxom lengthens and separates giving beautiful, catlike lashes and Dior is there to thicken and volumize. Does either mascara let you down in the other category? Nope, they just have their little advantages here and there.

Cost: Dior is more expensive than Buxom. At $28.50 a tube, it’s an expensive mascara. Buxom comes in at $22.

Overall: This is a toss-up! I’m going to keep Buxom in my drawer because I think it could be great for holiday parties!! Dior, for now, will stay as my everyday product.

Click the links below to buy either mascara from Sephora. While this post is not sponsored, your purchase will earn 2% for Everyday Lipstick, allowing me to keep testing products and bringing you the best in beauty!  xo

Buxom Aplified Lash

Dior Extase


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