Holiday Party Lips

‘Tis the Season to break out the red lipstick, lip glosses and lip stains. On my most recent trip to my local Sephora, one of the makeup specialists was wearing the most gorgeous lip color. I asked her what it was and she directed me to Givenchy Gloss D’Interdit in Tempting Rouge. It’s beautiful! It looks fire engine red in the bottle below but is instead the most flattering, shiny, shimmery shade of red.

The brush is so thin, it’s like a liner. With some careful strokes you get perfect application and the gloss doesn’t run or smear, it stays right on your lips. It’s also hydrating. According to Givency’s description, “Dehydrated hyaluronic microspheres slip into the lips’ fine lines and hold the water naturally present within the skin’s surface. Like small sponges, they soak in the water and increase their volume by up to 50 times for an immediately smoother and plumper effect.” I can’t tell you if there are tiny sponges in the lip gloss, but it does not dry out your lips!

Click here to find it from Sephora for $27.50!

Downside: It’s definitely a gloss and is not long-lasting.

Upside: The color and shine are to die for.

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